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blogger can be a profession?

What the motivation make you when you first create a blog? The answer, of course, can be manifold.
But whatever the exact reasons we concur, that almost most of the bloggers was hunting dollar, the question is whether the hunting of dollars as a blogger can be a profession? image
For you who have never felt sweet fruit earning online, the answer is of course POSSIBLE. In fact many bloggers who choose serious focus and devote most of his life to become a professional blogger. language, explore life with the blog. Indeed, the result is? You have not been receiving the results of earning online such as may ask it.
Let us count the count -
First we note that any program can be followed to find the money with the blog. There are some programs, only a click me and group Blogger for pay-per-click advertising (PPC) local. Then, the program paid for the review have Blog svertise and Sponsored. Reviews. Do not have many-many. Only relying on paid review and PPC are actually produced will be more bearable if is just to eat it.
click me commission and provide grup Blogger between Rp 150 - Rp 300/click. Meanwhile, from Blog svertise we can earn about $ 2 - $ 10/review. Then in Sponsored Reviews commission in the range of $ 3.25 is not limited to review for each, depending on the results of the bids that you submit to the advertiser.
Now we try to count the income that can be gained each month. If the calculation is taken at least, put the word blog every day we visited by 100 people and 20 people from a visitor-a visitor clicks on these ads click me and group Blogger each one. Then, say we obtain from Blogsvertise task is worth $ 2/hari and get the opportunity of Sponsored. Reviews worth $ 3.25/hari. What is the total revenue obtained?
click me Rp 150 x 20 x 30 = Rp 90.000, -- 
group Blogger Rp 150 x 20 x 30 = Rp 90.000, --
Blogsvertise $ 2 x 30 = $ 60 (= Rp 540,000, - with the exchange rate of Rp 9.000/dolar)
Sponsored. Reviews $ 3.25 x 30 = $ 97.5 (= Rp 877,500, -)
Is the total amount of Rp 1,597,500, --
Wow, is that earnings are not necessarily the amount that small. While the new computation-used at least with one count blog. What if-digit number increased only slightly? Or what if more than one blog? Not if the program is not only followed the programs mentioned above? So no wonder that many a blogger can earn a minimum of seven digits each month. And also no wonder then that many people become interested bloggers.
Nah, with simple arithmetic-calculation means that the above we have already agreed that the blogger made as a worthy profession.

action just dream happen ...

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