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achieve page rank still exist decreasing

Incidence Google Page Rank (PR) are suddenly out of a blog in the program paid review is often the case, including the removal of blogs that are posting massif contains paid review. imageWhy?
Google, based on the policies, are very enemy  program paid review. Google considers the increase link popularity of a website / blog via the property advertiser Paid Review program is not a positive thing, because it tends to manipulatif. 
Maybe you can follow these tips below:
1. Do not put too many links if the advertiser is not required. If required only 3 links, then ends with just that. If only 2 links that are required, then the link pairs of 2 only. That's enough!
2. If in posting a 2-3 link your review advertiser, strived to add the internal link from another post in the blogging. Impression so posting is not merely for the sake of a party (read: advertiser), but it is a routine posting. This will help make your blog is not identified by search engine spiders like google as a paid review or post spam. Some search engines are reviewing our site or blogs manually.
3. If the blog / site is the program paid review, then strived to show only the badge / banner affiliate of minimalist and not too light. Should, diligent, industrious add backlinks from other post-post on blogging every time you create a posting, be it posting a review or a routine. If there is still opportunity, attach the picture (image) on each little post that you make. This can also help you 'outwit' the spider search engine google or yahoo and other
4. Balanced amount paid posting a review with the number of non-paid post review. comparison with the 1:3. That is, each have 1 posting paid review, then there must be 3 non-paid post a review that you also create. 
Hopefully these tips can be useful ....

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