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untuk anda yang tertarik dengan produk pabrik web silahkan isi form pemesanan disini klik!!!

common mistakes are often the direct selling conducted by the online seller

Direct selling Error # 1 - There is no headline
I often see websites that begin with "Welcome to the 15
our website ... bla bla bla ... ". And plainly, the website as it makes
my nausea. Parahnya and, most of the website does not show
headline or the main topics clearly.
Headline is the ad for your website. He should be able to make the
explorers journey temporarily stop and start reading
the first sentence your sales letter. Please compare with your
Formula, you will understand what I mean.
If your headline is not able to make them stop at your website,
then all the rest of the website content you will not have to use it at all.
Direct Selling mistake # 2 - Not showing the benefits
This is the key to writing a basic sales letter. Your website should include
product features and benefits to prospective customers. Product features are
description of the product and its explanation. Benefits are what can
done by the features of these products to their lives.
Direct Selling error # 3 - The lack of personality
Your website is written by someone, namely you. Will be even better if
you insert your picture. Signed as if the website is similar to the
your original signature. But do not show a signature that you
fact that people not be imitated.
Say who you are, as I do in the website. Talk to
YOU as the customer. Write a sales letter material exactly as you
write a letter to a friend, while offering a product.
Be friendly. Be easy didekati. Your website does not appear from the
your company. He appeared and was born from you. You are standing in
back of your product warranty. You stand behind your promises.
So selalulah show who you are ... and why they should 16
trust you.
Direct Selling Error # 4 - No word customer satisfaction
Everyone wanted to know what the results have been obtained by the customer
long after they buy your product or service. So use
testimonials (words of satisfaction) from their customers.
More words of satisfaction that you have, it will be better sales 
that you generate.
Display the expressions of satisfaction that are specific to the particular product
you. Real benefit to them. Display the name and address of the person
it. If you are on the Internet, show an email address or website.
Akan Even better, if you display photos of customers who
satisfied with your products.
Direct Selling Error # 5 - No warranty
Buy things that contain risks. Moreover, if we buy
from the Internet. You buy a product that does not kasat eyes and you may
also does not recognize the people who sell these products.
Take the risks they (your customer) as possible. Offer warranty
to them in the time period may be over ... 90 days, 180 days, one
years, and so forth. If for any reason they try the product
and you do not like it, they are entitled to ask for money back.

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