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Use the principle of Direct Selling

This is the main key to the three (# 3) to a successful business on the internet.
Is a good website that can sell their products. If you want to 14
visitors buy your product, then you should sell it to them.
If you want to enter their name and their email as a list of prospects,
you have to sell the benefits of giving to them.
Everyone has a different reason why they designed the website.
Just to learn, or to flaunt their ability? That's right
them. It's OK! But me ... and all the p eople buying my product,
WANT design a website that can sells.
Website you must be able to sell, or you will go bankrupt!
The most appropriate to create a sales letter is your own.
Get the reader's attention, say to them the benefits of your offer.
Show them how other people also like your product, and
let them try your product for free, no risk. If you want
concentration, to sit and start writing the answers to the question "why me
need to buy your products? "... then the entire answer is 90%
material sales letter you!
I can not fully explain the discussion about the sales letter here,
there will be chapters that will discuss this issue. However, I will give
some point a common mistake often made by the seller on the online
when they try to offer a product or service to others, in the next posting

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