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Selling the benefits of Business Information in Internet

Next list the benefits of having a business to sell information on the Internet:
1. Capital you need is very small. Relatively small compared to business
Any conventional. 1
2. You do not need expensive inventory, with just one computer
that connected the Internet, desk, chair, and write a book. With
computer you have now, with some basic applications, you
can run this business.
3. Market you have to wait outside there. You stay and browse
making the product information that they need.
4. Product information and be easily manufactured. As much as any
you want to reproduce this product, can be done in seconds.
5. Net profit reached 100%. You do not need to cost
production, product delivery or pay employees. All values
your income is profit.
6. Delivery of products to consumers as quickly as lightning. Does not require
time many days to wait for delivery.
7. Time much less operational. You do not need to use 8
hours in a day if you do not like. Just use 1-2 hours per day for
take this business.
8. New ideas come silih switch. Once you launch the product information
first, you can switch to the next product information.
9. Product information generate profit without stopping. With the help of
Internet and the reseller, you can menembangkan business so that this
bring profit without stopping.
10. Your business can run automatically. From doing the marketing,
until you have to send orders, almost all can be done
11. Operasikan you can own. Because the entire system has been prepared
to run automatically, the task becomes more you work a little.
This means, you can do this business without the need to recruit employees.
12. You retain full control. You can control this business
without the intervention of bureaucracy and interference from other people.
13. Can be operated from anywhere. Wherever you are, the
Internet access is only required to run your business.
14. Does not require office. Most of the tools and systems already
embedded in the Internet. You only need room to run the pickup
15. You can run at any time. If you have to 'work force' in the afternoon
days, you can run this business at night.
16. Free from bureaucratic licensing. You can simply concentrate on
product and how to marketing. Forget bureaucracy, which only
akan making you.
17. Free from the political climate. No matter what political conditions at this time, you
can run this business without restriction.
18. Free from weather conditions and traffic. Traffic jam is usually
conventional business as possible, but not for this  business model.

Wow ... I can write more. But I worry you later
consider this a too-have. So enough is in the top 18 point only.

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