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Create One Product Belongs to You

This is the first key (# 1), which must be implemented if you want a successful internet business.
So that you can successfully run a business online, you must have the product
alone. A product that you have the right pasarkan and get 100% profit 12
thereof. Foundation of the whole business, the ownership of the product is the first requirement
must be met.
Of course, you can have a product with a number of ways:
1. Design your own product from scratch
2. Buy reprint rights to the products of others

Once you develop a product that you offer  as a product
main, tambahkanlah with some products to bring back up
earnings plated. Back End Products term. Products of this type of support must be
your main product. For example, if you sell tickets for the aircraft, the product
you can reserve a rental car or hotel accommodation.
Because of the importance of ownership of products for your business, then I will discuss
material in this chapter specifically.

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