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Focus on the Most Wanted Response from your website

This is the main key to the two (# 2) a successful internet business.
What is the purpose of making your website? Very few webmasters who make a
important this question to themselves. 13
For what your website design? If you often make browsing the
Internet, you will often see the website with the material that is different.
With the shape and location of the pattern varies. From a very simple design
to design a picture and the flash technology is incredible.
Because now we are talking about how to make money in
online, by itself, answers to the question "Why is your design
"is MONEY!
What is the purpose of your website design? To sell something! To
make money!
If your goal is to create a website product money ... ago, the response
whether you want the most (MOST WANTED RESPONSE - MWR) is done by
the visitors after their visit to your website?
• They buy your products, or
• They leave the contact data to follow up
The only two. No other answers. You do not need a response from the customers
impresse d with your web design, flash design pulling you ...
I am sure, webmasters also have the same MWR. They want visitors
make a purchase or leave contact data. But most, I
see the MWR webmaster implement in a way that is mistaken. They
create a website with various links mixed in it. And even
the worse again, they designed a website with the display technology
flash just to get the click of amazed visitors.
If you want to make money from selling things on your website, focus
on your MWR. Flash is complex, the image that meet the website, which links
scattered in every corner of your website .... all that would change their response
from visitors.

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